What do I need to prove to require parental restrictions of the other parent?

In familly matters courts should be guided primarily by interests of a child. Limitation of parental authority is necessary if the parents living in the disengagement cannot interact together in matters of the child. This may be due to a conflict between the parents or the behaviour taken by a one parent, which can not be reconciled with the interests of the child. In such cases, it has to be proven that the child's interests requires that parental authority was limited to one of the parents.

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What do I have to do if a court awarded/ secured alimony paid to the 10th day of each month and the same sentence/order was issued after 10th of this month?

In model situation, this should be made explicitly dealt with in the judgment/ freezing order. In situation that the court did not define indicated in the judgment / freezing order dates – the 10th day of each month determines only the term installment payment. While the same alimony are due for each month. In the case of a judgment/ freezing order after 10th day of the month, the holder is entitled to alimony for the month, in which the judgment was issued in the amount of days remaining in this month.

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Who has the right to the retention?

Retention is due to descendants, spouse and family of a deceased, who would be called to inheritance and due to the disposition of the deceased did not receive an appropriate share in the inheritance.

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