The cash from the account of a deceased

Banks practise with payouts from the bank account of the deceased holders varies depending on the bank. Under the current law, banks can determine this issue procedures on their own. Regulations regarding payouts from the account of the deceased are usually included in the agreement, or general conditions of agreements or banks byelaws.

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An attempt to mediate or settle the dispute out of court

On 1 January 2016 Amendment of Art. 187 of the Civil Code goes into effect. According to this a claim must indicate whether the parties attempted mediation or other extrajudicial dispute solution, and if such attempts have not been taken, explaining the reasons.

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The new, higher rates Attorney

From higher rates of attorney are in force. It means that is, when you win the case, the court will pay you more than heretofore - up to 2 times more for representation by a lawyer...

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