The cash from the account of a deceased

Banks practise with payouts from the bank account of the deceased holders varies depending on the bank. Under the current law, banks can determine this issue procedures on their own. Regulations regarding payouts from the account of the deceased are usually included in the agreement, or general conditions of agreements or banks byelaws.

After the death of the account holder, firstly the bank executes orders in case of death, so it makes payouts in favor on the f the persons designated by the account holder, if such instructions have been made. Then the bank makes payments in respect of succession. Bank, according to the procedure adopted by themself, pays heirs money accumulated in the account after their submission or a final court decision on the acquisition of inheritance, act of succession, or until a court decision on the division of estate or inheritance agreement concluded between all the heirs.

Joanna Dominowska
Inheritance law attorney in Warsaw